Loophole Which Could Be Abused

Dear Fr. Bloom,

Congratulations on your site, which I found interesting. I was especially interested by your veiws on the pro-choice lobby and its failed arguments. I personally find their view that it is ok to abort very early in the pregnancy (since the foetus is "not viable") extremely repugnant. This view is akin to saying that it makes sense to cut down an apple tree in the middle of winter because there is no sign of fruit on it.

Here in Ireland abortion is forbidden except where there is a threat to the life of the mother, but a few years ago a supreme court case recognised the threat of suicide of the mother as acceptable. There will soon be (with Gods help) another referendum to completely outlaw this loophole which could be abused. There is a small but vocal pro abortion lobby in Ireland made up of the usual bunch of radical feminists and liberal civil rights activists ( the type who ignore the most basic right of all).

May God bless you and your people,



Thank you, Kieran. I like your apple tree in winter analogy. I often find myself marveling at how we in the U.S. have gotten to our present position on abortion. It seems to me the kind of blindness and twisted thinking once used to justify black slavery. Even some of the tactics are similar - for example, rather than debate the abolitionists on the moral principle, it was more common to simply attack them for their "hypocrisy."

Keep up the good fight in Ireland - literally an island of sanity regarding this most fundamental issue. Prayers.

Fr. Bloom

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