Does the absolution count? Am I still in a state of mortal sin?

Dear Father,

I have gone to confession last week, and I had gone to confess the sin of masturbation (a sin that I have confessed before, and a habit I've been fighting for at least 2 yrs). However, when confessing my first (rather small sins), I took a short pause before confessing my masturbation sin, and I guess the priest thought I was done confessing, and before I could actually confess this sin, he quickly gave me absolution. This was complety unintentional on my behalf. ...My question is: Does the absolution count? Am I still in a state of mortal sin? I'm very unsure, and so I haven't been going to communion just in case.


21yr old, M.


Dear M.

The absolution counted. When you go to confession again, it might be helpful to start with the sins you consider most serious and then mention any lesser ones. For example: I drank to excess on one occasion, I disrespected my parents, I masturbated twice. It happened after I looked at pornography on the internet. Whatever. Then mention any venial sins like laziness, swearing, gossip, overeating, etc. (Those could also be mortal depending on the degree of pre-mediation, for example, setting out to deliberately destroy someone's good name.) The important thing about confession is opening oneself to the unmerited forgiveness we receive thru Jesus' Blood - and the healing (sometimes slow) which comes from the grace of the sacrament.

Keep availing yourself of the sacrament - and of holy communion. God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

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