Christ Mocked and Reviled

I would like to tell you that I am deeply impressed, especially by your unapolagetic traditionalism (despite your expressed reluctance for labels, that is one which in my view you have truly earned, and hope you can accept as a compliment). Your usual homily was one that sadly I have heard far too often. If the world's masses were consistently filled with sermons such as the others on your site, then the True Faith would be far more widely held.

What struck me most was how fearlessly you tackled the so-called "hard teachings" without compromise, but especially without anger. I am sometimes shocked by the amount of anger I can find mixed in with my faith. It seems that the world is filled with people who want nothing else in this world but to hate Christ. Every sort of revilement and mockery and slander is heaped upon Him, often for no cause at all other than to offer the insult. I find myself identifying with St. Peter as Judas betrayed him, desperate to whip out my sword and start whacking off ears (the fact that St. Peter remained always acceptable to Christ is one that I find eternally comforting).

Thank you for your wonderful writings. You are truly a blessed and holy man, Father.

With Love in Christ,



Dear Paul,

Thank you for your email - and kind words. Anger is a good emotion, but it does need to be directed. Here is a fine article on anger by Catholic philosopher Doug Doug McManaman

I too feel a lot of the anger you mention. One way of chanelling it is to join the Catholic League. If you are not already a member, check their website. Of course, while it is important to do the best we can to defend the Church from attacks, it is more important to allow her to nourish us thru sacraments and the treasures available to us in our tradition. Modern authors like Peter Kreeft are quite accessible. Older ones like Augustine take more effort, but pay a great dividend. I sense that I am speaking to you about what you are already doing.

Prayers. Remember this sinner. God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

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