Are Humans Morally Worse Than Dogs?

sorry i dont agree that humans are more valuable than animals. sure we are more intelligent, etc... but on a moral level no i dont think humans are worth more.. look at some of the worst humans in history like adolph hitler, ted bundy, etc.. no i think my dog is more of an asset to this world than those pieces of scum.. well thanks for letting me vent..


p.s. im obviously pro-animal rights.. lol


Thanks for your email, Denise. I agree with you to a certain point. But why stop with Ted Bundy and Hitler? On a moral level I am often worse than my dog. Could not the same be said about you?

Regarding animal rights, are there some you wish your own dog to have that he does not presently enjoy? I'm not trying to be smart, just trying to understand what you mean by "animal rights." I assume you are not referring to what we have in the first Ten Amendments.


Fr. Phil Bloom

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