"I Was Born Catholic..."

Dear Father,

I was born a Catholic but still searching for the right religion. Actually i was shape as a Catholic because i graduated in a Catholic school in the Philippines run by RVM Sisters. There are a lot of religion going around and claiming they are the right religion and they said that Catholic are the Anti Christ since because it was fore told that the Pope is the Anti Christ. I'm really not in the position to do debate with this people and this labels makes me ask questions like:

1. How does the Catholic Church got the authority to be th Church of God?

2. After St. Peter as the Pope, is really Linus and the other Pope got the blessing of God to succeed?

3. Why are ther so many Killings during the Papacy, i mean the early generation and what does the Church did about it to correct the stain in the Church? because i have been reading Internet literature about the early Pope and this stories are really very bad to our Church and this things keep other Catholic to be really intimidated by other sects

4. How does the Catholic Church can claim the Infalliablity?

Father i want to know things like this also to defend myself when times other religion are saying things that make Catholics feel bad. One time I watch a film i was not able to see the beginning of the film but it is all about St. Patrick of Ireland. The story is about St. Patrick as the Bishop of Ireland and then later on the Church denied him of trust to continue, something like that, but since God is with him he was able to succeed and continue... But you know my point is, how come the Church was not able to sense all this and why the leaders of the Church are the one who are aganst the will of God? I am sorry if i disturbed, iknow your really a very person, but thanks anyway i hope i can hear from you



Dear Louie,

You sound like a good candidate to become an apologist, that is one who studies the Catholic faith and trains himself in how to defend it using the Bible and human reason. A good place to start is the Catholic Answers . They have a series of article on the origins of the Church and the papacy at which would answer the questions you raise. Also you can find an article about the Inquisition (the "Killings" you mention) And an explanation about the Anti-Christ and the whore of Babylon.

I realize that is quite a bit of homework, but please do take the time to read thru these tracts. They are about 8 to 10 pages each and give very concise explanations. Let me know what you think and if you have further questions after reading them.

Most important is prayer. We can know the faith, but if we do not live it by prayer and keeping the commandments, it does not do us much good.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. About St. Patrick a good place to start is to read his actual words: Confession. The film about St. Patrick probably dramatized his life and perhaps distorted it.

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