"Is it considered a sin, being that it can be construed as mutilation"?

Dear Father,

I'm very curious about how the Church and God feels regarding tattoos and body piercings. Is it considered a sin, being that it can be construed as mutilation, or not because some people see it as decoration of the body God gave us? I myself have a (small) stud in my nostril, and while I receive disgusted glances from old women who attend the church, I am unsure about how this is seen in the eyes of God and the Church.

Thank you very much and God bless.

A College Student


Mutilation is the destruction of a normal bodily function - for example vasectomy or tubal ligation. Since tattoos and body piercings normally do not destroy a bodily function, it seems to me the only issues are aethetics and economics. My niece once had a nose ring. It took me a while to get used to it, but after a while it seemed not that much different from an earing.

Be patient with old women - and men.


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