Invaded by Call to Action


Recently my home parish has been seemingly invaded by a group from Call to Action.

I have long served on the "Peace and Justice" Commitee at my parish, and we were getting along just fine, saving babies, giving to the poor, worshipping God.

Then the invasion!

I can not tell you how much your web site has helped me conteract the propaganda they have been diseminating.

At a "panel discussion" the CTAers recently organized, I decided to show up and confront them. I brought my mother along for moral support. After I responded to their declaration that birth control was not really against church teachings, because he laity had not "accepted" it, my mother said, "Ben, how did you get so smart!"

I guess I need to start telling people that I am getting it all from you.

But anyway, THANK YOU!

I will be praying for you!!

In Christ,

Ben Jackson


Thanks, Ben. I appreciate you taking the time to write - and your encouraging message. Have a beautiful Holy Week!

Dissent and Integrity