Questions about Catholic Faith

(Correspondence with Seapadre)

101. From Sarah: "Do you honestly believe that making abortion illegal will solve the problem?"

102. Is masturbation a mortal sin?

103. From L: Does the Bible teach Reincarnation?

104. From Andrew: "one point that everyone seems to overlook in the abortion debate. We as men should have no say."

105. From Alex: Moral Law and the Existence of God

106. From Donald: "Obviously, extramarital activity in any form is immoral, but I am a bit fuzzy on what is permitted within marriage."

107. From Mark: Science vs. Religion? "...why then is science so denounced by the catholic church?".

108. "it (the fetus) is a part of the mother, and she should have the right to make whatever decisions she desires about her body."

109. Are we here by Accident or Design?

110. From Beth: Does the Catholic Church allow Girl Servers?

111. From Angelo: Mortal Sin and Salvation Outside the Catholic Church.

112. From Mary: Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

113. A letter about pedophiles & priests and the absence of visible evidence of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church.

114. From Tom: Re: dinosaurs and Bible as history.

115. From Paul: Confused about your bridegroom analogy

116. From Bryan: The punishment of a Sabbath Breaker and the Compassion of God.

117. Dialogue with Jane: Evolution & Morality

118. From Niall: About Hollywood and the movie The Apostle

119. From Kirsten: About Initiative 694 to ban Partial Birth Infanticide

120. From Phil: Universal moral code and the implications that this fact has on the question of the existence of God

121. From Stephanie: Not Hate Mail (Scripture quotes and the need for a Go Between)

122. Atheism, Belief in God and Wishful Thinking

123. Chaos Theory, Free Will and Existence of God

124. From Sage Vann: "in response to your emphasis on the fact that there is a lot of square feet on the earth for people to fill, I would invite you to examine how much land we all use outside of our living areas."

125. From Donald: Re: Social Nudism

126. "The statement in the document about abortion being an absolute no, even the case of medical necessity has left me betrayed and confused."

127. From Maria: On Animal Rights "I'm afraid you and the Catholic Church are still operating under the idea of domination rather than cooperation."

128. Response to Sarah: "I'm afraid that she also may be right about the futility of making abortion illegal."

129. From JMS: Rock Music and Abortion

130. JH: Back Alley Abortions

131. Nate: "I'd have to conclude that the Bible is silent on Pedophilia."

132. Jean: "how then can a catholic couple with 4 children and 11 years of marriage get an Annulment?

133. From Donald: Reasons for Priestly Celibacy

134. From Tom: Limbo and the fate of unbaptized babies

135. From Jim: I feel like I am being pursued by God

136. From Roy: Questions about Defending the Faith

137. "I had an abortion 18 years ago."

138. From Daniel: Errata (Mormon birth Control)

139. From Patrick: "Fr. McBrien purports to serve the weak by abandoning what protects them—what protects us."

140. From Bob: "One of them says that Catholicism is a worshiping of the Antichrist and that all Catholics are going to hell and will suffer damnation because they follow Mary and not God.

141. From Roger: Any suggestions on good books about Dogmas?

142. From Patrick: About Peter Kreeft Books & Tapes.

143. From Carlos: Is Mexico Overpopulated?

144. From Donald: Is Atheism Self-Contradictory?

145. From Steven & Chris: Questions about Liturgy (Hand Holding, Eucharistic Ministers, Kneeling, etc.)

146. From Michael: You have missed the mark as Voice of Orthodoxy (The Chariot Analogy)

147. From C.: Against Submission of Women.

148. From Amanda: "Flimsy Bride Analogy" vs. Women Priests

149. From Mark: Is Atheism Courageous? Irrational Motives ("The Carrot & Stick Principle") for Belief

150: About Sylvia Brown and other Psychics

151: From Josh, Martin & Rose Marie: about the review of Everlasting Man

152: From K: Is Birth Control a Mortal Sin?

153. From Deb: Who is to Blame for the Littleton Killings?

154. From Lisa: What can a Wife do about an Abusive Father?

155. From Mark: If the embryo is just a blueprint, why is Abortion Murder?

156. From Theresa: Tridentine Mass in Seattle?

156. From Kathleen: Speaking the Truth with Love

157. From Rose: Work's Theology in Catholic Church

158. Obedience to God and Women Ministers

159. Is Natural Family Planning Catholic Contraception?

160. From Mikkel & Morten: About Guilt and Christ's Blood: "you talk of 'receiving Jesus´ blood upon us'..Is there not a hint of Vampirism in that...?"

161. Priesthood and Mary: "I am a Catholic-born Protestant with an undimmed, growing even, appreciation for my Catholic heritage."

162. From Jacqueline: Should we take back Married Priests?

163. From Lee: Promoting Vocations in the Home

164. A question about abortion. "Ten years ago I got a girl pregnant..."

165. From Steve: Secular and Catholic Universities

166. From Brian: Recommended Books

167. From Cristina, A New Catholic "I am a single mom, working very hard to raise devout men in an ungodly world."

168. From Timothy: "I have spend the past few hours reading all the homilies you have posted!"

169. From Mark: Is Abortion Permissible in case of Rape or Incest?

170. From Laura: Re: Women Priests (A College Girl's Perspective)

171. From Pat: "Reading one of your homilies, I came upon the following, rather scary, passage." Eternal Separation from God or Hell

172. From Carl: A question about Overpopulation & Food Quality

173. From Lisa: Submissive Wife and Abusive Husband

174. From Larysa: When Will Jesus Judge Us? (Heaven, Hell, Purgatory)

175. After Abortion: How do I confess my sin to a priest?

176. From Baptist Minister Peter Green: Reaction to the Movie The Apostle

177. From Carly: Teen Pregnancy, Name Calling & Abortion

178. From Karen: American Catholics & Women Priests "It is prejudice, misogyny, patriarchy and other ancient Vatican interpretations of the Old Testament that rule the Pope's false assuptions. It is time that an American Catholic Church be established independent of the the Vatican."

179. From John: Catholics in Military: "I am a life-long catholic (42 years) and a lieutenant colonel in the Army, presently stationed down the road at Fort Lewis. I have been looking for a website, book(s) etc. that would address the special obligations of christians in military service."

180. From Ava on Overpopulation: "Your argument about the number of square feet per person on the Earth is very unsettling and unsatisfactory to me."

181. From J. Vasectomy: "If I don't have the surgery reversed would having sexual relations with my wife be sinful?"

182. From e: Is masturbation just a normal way to relieve tension?

183. From Steve: "He wonders how he can trust the Gospel to tell the truth when there are so many seeming contradictions (like this one) between one Gospel and another."

184. From Michael: The Embryo & the Human Person "Estimates for the number of zygotes which do NOT make it to parturition range as high as 80%, many zygotes dying soon after fertilization and others failing to implant for any of a variety of reasons."

185. From Mistica: "I am Catholic and was wondering about premarital sex...why do we believe that it is wrong to do this? Where in the Holy Bible does it discuss this?"

186. From Tammy: "How do Catholics, and the other world religions who claim to be the only path to God, explain life on other worlds?"

187. From Ken: on women priests: "Are not your arguments based on old notions about women being inferior to men and weaker and more gullible than men"?

188. From Spencer: Overpopulation: What is a Comfortable Carrying Capacity?: "When we reach that capacity how do you propose that we convince people that having more than two children is both illogical (from a group perspective) and immoral?"

189. No Salvation Outside Church?: "I just read an e-mail response you posted concerning 'outside the Church there is no salvation'. I gather from your response that if one is to come to believe that the Lord founded a church, then a person has an obligation to join up."

190. From Lillie: New Age Religions: "As far as I can see, these New Agers take the most convenient aspects from several world religions and arrange a personal "religion" that involves no deep beliefs and no sacrifices."

191. From Ruth: Is Yoga Dangerous?: "My concern is whether or not getting deeper into the practices could be considered practicing a religion contrary to the Catholic faith. My sister had a seriously bad experience while doing some yoga meditating..."

192. From T.: Unnatural Sex in Marriage: "what does unnatural sex in the Bible mean? A friend wanted to know if she had to do things her husband wanted even though she did not like it."

193. From Tim: "Has Luther won? (The Lutheran-Catholic Joint Declaration)

194. From T. P. Uschanov (University of Helsinki) Does God Exist?

195. From JoAnne, Rediscovering the Sacrament of Confession: "I warned Him not to love me, not to be part of my life..."

196. From Andrew Transhumanism and Extermination of Species

197. From Kareem: What is the Christian view on Islam?

198. From Regina: Was Limbo Rescinded?

199. From Dan: PBS & the Pope

200. From Patrick: Desiderata and Spiritual Best Sellers (Chicken Soup for the Soul, etc.)


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