"My husband and I disagree"

Dear Father,

I have a daughter age 10. My husband and I disagree. I think my daughter should go to church with me even though she does not want to. My husband is very active in the Knights of Columbus and the church bazzar, but he does not attend church. My husband believes our daughter should make her own decision about attending church. My daughter complained so much about how boring CCE is that she is not attending this year. I am confused. My daughter does know that I am on a journey to know Jesus and have a personal relationship with him, my husband knows too, but, really doesn't want to know. Help.



Dear D,

You are right. Our most basic duty is to worship our Creator and Redeemer. Your immediate challenge is to win your husband over. (see Titus 2 for some tips) His involvement in KC's & church bazaar are good signs and should be encouraged. Prayer is what's most important, especially before Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament. My prayers for you, your husband & daughter.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

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