Do demons know the temporal future of people?

Dear Father,

When I was a child, I copied a TV show, and contacted the spirits to know my future. I used refrigerator magnets, asked a question, closed my eyes, and at random chose a "Y" or "N" magnet, for "YES" or "NO" awnsers. The spirits told me that I was to get married, get cheated on, get divorced, have sick children, have an awful job, die at age 30 in a car crash, and worst of all...THEY TOLD ME THAT I WAS GOING TO GO TO HELL WHEN I DIE!!!!!!

Now that I am converted, and older, these predictions haunt me deeply. Demons are outside of space and time, and I have known many who have been told accurite prophesies by them. I don't care if I have an awful earthly life, as long as I get to Heaven.

Do demons know the temporal future of people? Do they know the untimate destiny of the human soul?

Thank you, Father

Sincerely, Troubled


Dear Troubled,

They do not. Only God does, but he alone sees everything with a single glance. But that does not mean any person's eternal fate is pre-determined because God has given each of us a free will and promises us sufficient grace, if we rely on him. That is, none can save ourselves - only God thru Jesus can save a human soul, but we must yield to Him.

If you go to a priest, especially in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, he can say a prayer which will lift from you the burden you are carrying. I just talked this afternoon to a woman who was told (not by devils, but by doctors) that she would never have a child. A priest prayed over her, giving her a blessing and now, to her husband's great delight and astonishment, is in her second month of pregnancy.

Have you read Lord of the Rings? Even though it does not mention God directly, it is a wonderful book about His Providence and how He rescues us from demonic forces. His will is the salvation of all. The Catechism teaches that hell is "self-exclusion" from God. That of course is a real and frightening possibility, but not something God pre-ordains for any soul. Place your full trust tonite in Jesus' divine mercy - and visit with a good priest as soon as you are able.

God bless you. Let me know how it goes. Prayers.

Fr. Bloom