"if they remarry they are committing adultery?"

Dear Father Bloom:

I recently had the opportunity to see your parish website. I noticed that your website seems to cover various topics that go again Church teachings (abortion, homosexuality, pre-marital sex, etc.). You also have them linked to Church doctrines and Biblical verses that discuss such topic. I was wondering why you forgot to mention and cite divorce among that list. The Gospel of mark clearly states that people who remarry after a divorce are committing adultery Mark 10:11-12.

If you're going to tell gay people not to have sex, and tell warn against the dangers of abortion and pre-marital sex, I think it's important to remind our divorced Catholic brothers and sister that if they remarry they are committing adultery. Why is it the your parish doesn't start an national organization like Courage to keep divorced people celibate? Also, in you section which discuses homosexuality,you cite the book of Leviticus. My understanding was that as Christian we are not bound by Levitian Law. Which explains why as Christians we are allowed to eat pork and shrimp.

I look forward to hearing from you on these topics.

P. R.
Seattle, WA


Dear P,

Thanks for your email. You have a very good point. All of us need to be reminded - and supported - in living Jesus' teaching on chastity, viz., that the use of sexuality belongs only in marriage. Apart from marriage, as C.S. Lewis put it bluntly - "unmitigated abstinence."

Given our strong, relentless impulses, this is an area rife with deception. I am amazed at how many people fall for the argument that "the desires are just natural." So are desires to overeat, smoke, cheat, etc. Acting on them can do grave destruction to oneself and others - as the current scandal in the Catholic Church illustrates. We do need support from others (as you noted) to keep us honest and to get us back on track when we fall.

There are groups for formerly married Catholics. However, the number of divorced Catholics is so large I am sure not enough is being done to support them. Maybe you could start a group?

Prayers. Keep me and all priests in yours. We need them.

Fr. Bloom

P.S. The proscription against acting on same sex desires is found not only in Leviticus but other parts of the Bible, including the New Testament. It has been constantly reaffirmed in two thousand years of Christian teaching which one can find succinctly summarized in the Catechism.

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