"should I make a fuss over it"?

Dear Fr. Bloom,

Your homilies are tremendous and you certainly are a wonderful example of living the Gospel. I do have one question. My parish priest holds a general confession service (with general absolution at the end) that he specifically asks the faithful at the beginning to specifically only confess one sin. I know that this is incorrect but should I make a fuss over it. I have had many problems with other abuses that have been occuring. I would appreciate any thoughts you might have.

Thank you and God Bless You and please continue to post your homilies. They are wonderful. Your parish is truly blessed.

John _____, D.V.M.


Dear John,

What your parish priest is doing in regard to general absolution and asking people to confess only one sin is not correct. However, rather than make a fuss, I would encourage you to write to the bishop expressing how important the sacrament is to you, that you would like to see more opportunities for you and your family to receive reconciliation.

I wish I could get my brother priests more enthused about the confessional ministry - and also get more laity to take advantage of the opportunities that do exist. I think many priests have gotten discouraged and see individual confessions as a burden, which of course in one way it is, but a very satisfying one because it is an opportunity to touch people's lives deeply.

It would be great if each diocese had a number of centers where people always knew there would be priests available to hear individual confessions. We have started having Saturday morning and first Thursday confessions (6-8 p.m.) as well as after Wed. evening Masses. The response has been positive, but I am also aware that the majority of my parishioners have not been to individual confession for many years.

Those are some of my ideas, John. Feel free to share them with your parish priest or bishop.

God bless you - and your family.

Fr. Phil Bloom


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