Homilies for Cycle B

(Fr. Phil Bloom, Pastor St. Mary of the Valley, Monroe, WA)

First Sunday of Advent: Be watchful! Be alert!

Second Sunday of Advent: True vs False Comfort

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Most Beautiful Young Woman (December 12)

Third Sunday of Advent: Rejoice Always

Fourth Sunday of Advent: God Always Fulfills his Promise

Christmas: Meaning of Christmas

Holy Family Sunday: Seniors & the Pandemic

New Year's Day: Best Thing for Our Children

Epiphany: Three Gifts You Should Ask For

Baptism of Lord: A Scientist Who Renewed His Baptism

Second Sunday Ordinary Time: Implications of Bodily Resurrection

Third Ordinary: Why Gnostics Are Wrong

Fourth Ordinary: I Will Lay Down My Life for the Sheep

Presentation of the Lord: The Fortieth Day of Christmas

Fifth Ordinary: Becoming a Missionary Disciple Week 4: Take up your Burden

Sixth Ordinary: We Need Cleansing and Healing

Seventh Ordinary: An Agressive Attempt to Deny Sin

Eighth Ordinary: The Days of Her Youth

Ninth Ordinary: Jesus is the Question

Ash Wednesday: Road to Recovery

First Sunday of Lent: The Battle Keeps Raging

Second Lent: Guest Homily: Deacon Leon Garcia

Third Lent: That Just Man

Fourth Lent: Time to Rebuild

Fifth Lent: Finding Hope When Life Hurts Week 5: Stop Procrastinating

Passion (Palm) Sunday: Finding Hope When Life Hurts Week 6: Best Holy Week Ever

Holy Thursday: A Girl Gives Her Life for Jesus (bilingual)

Good Friday: What is Truth?

Easter Vigil: Born Again!

Easter Sunday: The Joke's On Satan

Second Sunday Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday): MeToo & Need for Mercy

Third Easter: Evolutionary Leap

Fourth Easter: First Quality of a Good Shepherd

Fifth Easter: Material Relation with Jesus

Sixth Easter: Love One Another - What Does it Mean?

Ascension: Bridging the Gap

Pentecost: Like a Rhizome

Trinity Sunday:Calling God by His Right Name

Corpus Christi Sunday: It's Good to Have a Body

Tenth Ordinary: Something Different

Eleventh Ordinary: Gratitude Week 1: Small Things

Birth of John the Baptist: Baptism of Repentance

Twelfth Ordinary: Gratitude Week 2: Fatherhood

Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul: What Peter Meant to Paul

Thirteenth Ordinary: Gratitude Week 3: Children

Fourteenth Ordinary: Gratitude Week 4: Country

Fifteenth Ordinary: Gratitude Week 5: Afflictions

Sixteenth Ordinary: Gratitude Week 6: Conflict

Seventeenth Ordinary: Gratitude Week 7: Free Choice

Eighteenth Ordinary: Gratitude Week 8: Duty of Happiness

Transfiguration: The Son of Man

Nineteenth Ordinary:Gratitude Week 9: Two Steps to Life of Gratitude

Feast of Assumption: Gratitude Week 10: Most Grateful for Mary

Twentieth Ordinary: Ephesians Week 6: Always and For Everything

Twenty-First Ordinary:Fiftieth Anniversary Homily

Twenty-Second Ordinary: Basis for Abundant Life

Twenty-Third Ordinary: Sins of Innuendo

Exaltation of the Holy Cross: The True Stigmata

Twenty-Fourth Ordinary: Will you get in the wheelbarrow?

Twenty-Fifth Ordinary: Asking the Right Question - Week 1

Twenty-Sixth Ordinary: Asking the Right Question Week 2: Eternal Consequences?

Twenty-Seventh Ordinary:Asking the Right Question Week 3: Why Male and Female?

Twenty-Eighth Ordinary:The End Game Week 1: Living Sub Specie Aeternitatis

Twenty-Ninth Ordinary:The End Game Week 2: How Can I Trust God?

Thirtieth Sunday: Something for You Week 1: Faith

All Saints: Something for You Week 2: Communion

All Souls: Sister Death

Thirty-First Sunday: Moment of Decision

Thirty-Second Sunday: Something for You Week 3: Abundance

Dedication of Lateran Basilica: I Saw Water

Thirty-Second Sunday: Surplus Wealth and Poverty

Thirty-Third Sunday: Facing the Final Tribulation

Thanksgiving Homily: Freedom We Have Received

Christ the King Sunday: You're gonna have to serve somebody


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