Life in Christ Week 2: Take the Plunge

(Homily for Divine Mercy Sunday)

Message: Come to God's mercy - his Word. A lamb can bathe in it without drowning and an elephant can swim in it. Take the Plunge.

On Easter Sunday I began a homily series titled Life in Christ. St. Paul tells us that if you and I have died - that is received baptism and belief in Jesus - then your life is hidden with Christ.

Life in Christ: The readings today invite us to take a plunge into that reality - to plunge into the ocean of Divine Mercy. "In his great mercy," says St. Peter, God "gave us a new birth." Come to that ocean of mercy. Make a new beginning; be born again.

Jesus calls us to his mercy. "Do not be afraid." According an ancient saying, "A lamb can bathe in it without drowning - and an elephant swim in it." Take the plunge into Divine Mercy.

This Sunday I offer a way of entering that mercy, that Life in Christ: a Bible study appropriately titled, "Take the Plunge!" It will give you a method for using the Bible to pray and to understand the original meaning - the text in context.

This method uses the daily Mass readings. The most convenient way to have them is by subscribing to Word Among Us. Along with that subscription I ask you to purchase Fire Starters. I have found it super helpful for its clear explanations of Bible readings. Clear, but not watered down.

People sometimes say they zone out because that they don't know what the readings are talking about. Fire Starters will help you understand the original meaning - the text in context.

I know that many cannot attend daily Mass because of work and other demands. The Take the Plunge course you can do at home - by yourself, with other family members or small groups. It would benefit, for example, a bright high school student.

So take the plunge into God's mercy and his Word. Learn how to use the Bible for prayer - for listening to God to discover his plan for you. I will offer three presentations beginning May 29. To participate you will need to order Word Among Us and Fire Starters. Please see the bulletin flier to see how to order them.

I got my copy of Fire Starters as a gift from Archbishop Sartain. He has helped me in many ways since he came to Seattle seven years ago. Next week we will learn how we can help Archbishop Sartain - and how our union with him relates to Life in Christ. That's for next week.

For this week I invite you to come to God's mercy - his Word. A lamb can bathe in it without drowning and an elephant can swim in it. Take the Plunge - Life in Christ. As Jesus says, "Do not be afraid." Amen.


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