Moment of Decision

(Homily for Thirty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time - Year B)

Bottom line: Elections are vital but we face an even greater moment of decision.

This Tuesday we choose our president, governor, senator, representative - and a number of other officials. We also face decisions regarding marriage, marijuana and schools.

These issues have significant, long-range consequences, but, you know, you and I are facing something even more important - right now. We face this decision not only when we fill out a ballot, but every moment of every day. The choice is this: to turn to God or away from him.

Whatever happens on November 6, life will go on. But if a person turns from God, that choice means eternal death.

In the first reading Moses tells us to fear God and keep his commandments. And then Jesus reminds us that the commandments involve our relationship to God and to each other.

As your pastor, I want to help you in your relationship with God. Each November we have something called "Stewardship." It means recognizing one's gifts, thanking God for them and asking him how to use them. Stewardship is another word for salvation.

Each year I ask a parishioner to share what Stewardship means to him: How he and his family are putting their gifts at the service of others, especially in our parish community. It's not an easy task, but I know that you will find this testimony to be very helpful. With a prayer in your heart, I ask you to give your full attention to _________________________.


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