Come, Have Breakfast

(May 5, 2019)

Bottom line: "Come, have breakfast." Jesus says. The shared fish and bread underscore the physical connection with Jesus and through him one to another.

Last Sunday we saw that Jesus offers a two-step program. First, faith or trust. "Do not be unbelieving but believe." Second, touch Jesus - his wounds. Connect with Jesus in all his dimensions - spiritual and physical.

We see the two steps in today's Gospel. The seven disciples toil all night and come up empty. At dawn they make out a figure on the shore. He tells them to put out their nets one more time. In spite of their exhaustion they do it. They get an enormous catch. Their act of faith pays off - big time. Do not be unbelieving but believe.

That's the first step - believe, trust Jesus. Then we have the second step: the physical connection with Jesus. At his word Peter drags the net ashore and brings a few of the fish. Along with some bread Jesus prepares a meal loaded with omega-3's. :) "Come, have breakfast." he says. The shared fish and bread underscore the physical connection with Jesus and through him one to another.

This leads into the Annual Catholic Appeal. Do you remember the first part of our parish mission statement? "Blessed to live in this beautiful valley, we are Christians, in union with Pope Francis and Archbishop Sartain..." Regarding their ministry did you notice that when Peter drags the net ashore, it doesn't get torn? It's not easy to keep the net intact. We can always find reasons for pulling away from our pope and bishop. Yet Jesus has given them an essential ministry.

The Annual Catholic Appeal expresses the union we have beyond our local parish. The huge catch - 153 fish - indicates that we belong to something big - a universal church. I thank those who have already made a pledge to the Appeal. I ask us all to take that step. To help understand the importance of the Appeal and how we can participate, please give your full attention to...


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