Material Relation with Jesus

(April 29, 2018)

Bottom line: Your Annual Catholic Appeal pledge expresses part of the material relation we have with Jesus and each other.

At the end of this homily we will have a presentation on the Annual Catholic Appeal. I want to connect the Appeal with what we have seen about the relation with Jesus - the Risen Jesus. As we saw on Easter Sunday the empty tomb indicates that the Resurrection is more than Jesus' soul going to heaven. No, he physically rises from the dead. Jesus shows Thomas his hands and his side and invites him to touch the wounds. He underscores this physical reality by taking a piece of baked fish and eating it in front of them.

Because of his physical reality Jesus becomes present in the breaking of bread - the Eucharist, the Mass. Pope Benedict says that Jesus Resurrection represents an "evolutionary leap" - a new dimension of existence. We participate in that reality by baptism, belief and the Eucharist.

This mysterious relationship can be expressed with various images: He is the Good Shepherd and we belong to his flock. He is the head and we are cells or organs of his body. He is the groom and the Church is his bride. Or as he tells us this Sunday he is the vine and we are the branches. Joined to Jesus we have an intimate relationship not only to him, but also to each other. We depend on Jesus and we depend on each other. Could we have a better Gospel for the Annual Catholic Appeal?

Your Annual Catholic Appeal pledge expresses part of the material relation we have with Jesus and each other. Some members of Jesus' body are experiencing robust health. Others are going through hard times. We need each other. Those doing well need the prayers of those brought low. The Bible says God hears the prayers of the brokenhearted. Those in difficult for their part need the sacrifices of those doing better. Paul told the Corinthians to give generously for the needy in Jerusalem. Sooner or later we all need a helping hand. That's what the Appeal is about. To explain more I ask you to give your full attention to _________________________.


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