"I've been wondering for a long time"

hello. my name is Taylee and i have a question that i hope u can answer. How can, in the bible, they talk about when Jesus was alone? how can they explain when he was tempted by the devil? Since none of his friends were there, how do we know about when Jesus was up praying by himself on the mountain? please answer my question... I've been wondering for a long time. thank you

-Taylee (-:


Very good question, Taylee. Jesus spent a lot of time with the apostles both before and after the resurrection. In one of those conversations, they probably either asked him what happened in the desert (or in the garden) or he simply told them. They of course did not write everything down. St. Paul for example relates sayings of Jesus which were not recorded in any of the Gospels (e.g. Acts 20:35).

Keep studying the Bible - and praying. Have you read the part in the Catechism which says how to read the Bible (#101ff.)? God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

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