Unbaptized Babies & Limbo

Dear Father:

I stumbled into your site about a week ago -- through some links originating with Amy Welborn's SpritLife site. Spent some time wandering around and I think your site is an excellent reference for solid Catholic teaching, clearly taught.

We have a few things in common. I lived abroad (the Caribbean -- Jamaica and Cayman Islands) for four years, ending over fifteen years ago. I also live minutes away from Maryknoll HQ in Ossining.

When I was on your site I think I came across a discussion of Limbo -- it might have been linked to the "fate of an aborted child" page. I got in a discussion with someone today re: Limbo, but when we event to your site I could not find the page. If you do have a discussion of Limbo I'd love it if you could steer me to it. You very clearly pointed out that the Church has no defined position on Limbo (at least I think it was you!).

Keep up the great work.

Tom Faranda


Dear Tom,

Thanks for kind words. I wrote a story about babies who die w/o baptism. Also something in: Abortion & Reincarnation. And the pope has an important statement which refers to aborted babies.

Yes, limbo was never an official teaching, rather an attempt to reconcile the necessity of baptism with God's justice & mercy.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom


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