Was Limbo Rescinded?

I am taking a Modern Christian Thought class in college. The subject of Limbo came up and a person said that it no longer exists in the Catholic Churches eyes. Is this true and, if so, when was it done away with and why? Where do unbaptized babies go now? What about the babies who supposedly were there before Limbo was rescinded? I have a baby brother who was born dead in the 50's. Where would you suggest he is now?

Regina Rivers
Indiana PA


Dear Regina,

Thank you for the question. It is not that limbo was rescinded, but that it was never taught as an "official" church doctrine. Rather it was an attempt to bring together two doctrines: the necessity of baptism for salvation and the mercy/justice of God. We really do not have an answer altho the pope did make an interesting reflection in Evangelium Vitae # 99. Have you read it? It applies to babies who are aborted, but would have a broader application.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. The fate of unbaptized children is something I think about myself. I wrote a short story about unbaptized babies you might like: Marina and the Babies


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