I would like Mass to be said for him

I became a Catholic 6 years ago after following an RCIA programme here in England. I think that I only really bagan to deepen my faith recently on an Alpha course now I keep coming up with questions which are essentialy about tradition rather than theology ( not that I'm not still learning there either) could I pose a few to you?

1) My Dad was baptised (non - catholic) and a good man, he died last year I am sure he will go to heaven but on his anniversary I would like Mass to be said for him can this happen as he was not Catholic?

2) I understand that I have to use a Mass intention envelope to request this, my husband tells me I must put a donation inside, how much do I give?

thank you for your time in this matter



Dear j.b.

You may have a Mass offered for your dad. As far as the donation, it is usually voluntary, although parishs may have suggested stipends. Here we suggest $20, but accept whatever folks offer. God bless,

Fr. Bloom

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