Pilgrimage to Molokai

St. Mary of the Valley parishioners, November 4-8, 2013

Day 1

Arrival at airport

L-R: Patty, Pablo, Petra, Sister Barbara, Harry, Fr Bloom, Kay, Royce, Tricia

with Sister Alicia Damien Lau & Sister Cheryl Wint (Franciscan Sisters who guided our pilgrimage)

(Sr Alicia and Sr. Cheryl welcomed us with the leis)

Stain glass window of St. Augustine

After Mass at St. Augustine's by the Sea

With Sr. Cheryl, sacristan & lector

Dinner after Mass: Sister Barabra's favorite dish - lamb

(she did share with me)

Kay with veal

Petra to her right

Day 2

Orientation by Sr. Cheryl

Mosaic of Fr. Damien at Damien/Marianne Museum

Fr. Damien was a member of the Sacred Hearts Fathers

St. Marianne Cope

Mother Marianne was a Franciscan Sister

Royce trying a deacon's stole

Tricia holding a dalmatic (deacon's vestment)

with Sister Frances

(she told us about being present at the exhumation of Mother Marianne and holding the saint's skull in her hands)

Sr. B taking picture of Our Lady of Peace outside Honolulu Cathedral

Tomb of Bishop Louis Maigret - Bishop of Hawaii who assigned Fr. Damien to Molokai

(at Our Lady of Peace Cathedral)

Alika (Cathedral guide) explaining about tombs of Bishop Maigret and other early bishop

earlier marker

JLL. RR. DD. Louis Maigret, Born in France, Sept 14, 1804, Elected bishop July 11, 1847, Died June 11, 1882)

Relic of St. Marianne Cope

(bone fragments)

Sister Barbara reverencing relic

Kay with relic


Reliquary of St. Damien

Container for relic

Sr. Barbara venerating relic

Close-up (bone from heal of St. Damien)

Sr. B, Fr. B, Pablo



Sisters Alicia & Cheryl

Stained glass window of Fr. Damien with Molokai parishioners

Wood carving of St. Damien

Stain glass window of St. Marianne

after Mass at Cathedral chapel

the main body of Our Lady of Peace Cathedral is being renovated

Lunch - "bento" (it was delicious)

Tapestry showing scences from life of St. Damien

Sr. B with statue of St. Marianne

Fr. Damien

Painting of Fr. Damien with leprosy (Hansen's Disease) patient

Outside Damiano Center

Sr. getting help from Royce & Pablo to get out of van

At Pearl Harbor World War II Memorial

Kay & Sr. B getting on lift to get aboard U.S.S. Missouri

Kay & Sr. B waving from deck

Map showing location of U.S.S. Missouri when surrender treaty was signed

Plaque marking spot of surrender

view from upper level of U.S.S. Missouri looking toward U.S.S. Arizona and Honolulu

L-R: Tricia, Royce, Pablo, Petra

U.S.S. Arizona

Famous scene from announcement of peace

Pablo calculating how to do a modern version

Royce & Tricia

St. Marianne

at Kawalo Basin Park - site where she and her Sisters arrived on November 8, 1883


Praying for SMV parishioners' intentions

At Kawalo Basin Park with Pacific in background

Harbor at sunset

Day 3

Makani Kai Airport with Srs. Alicia and Cheryl

(they gave me the wonder Hawaiian shirt with Sts. Damien & Marianne)

small plane that will take us Molokai


Royce & Harry buckling in

View of Honolulu

Diamond Head Crater

view of Kalaupapa Peninsula from plane

Sister Theresa showing us St. Francis Church

(where St. Marianne worshiped during her 30 years serving people of Molokai)

Statue of Fr. Damien at St. Francis Church, Kalaupapa

Fr. Patrick Kililea giving introduction to Molokai

(Fr. Patrick is full-time priest serving at Kalaupapa)

with Fr. Patrick, Sisters Theresa and Samuel Marie at St. Francis Church

Poster of Beatification of Sacred Hearts priests

St. Damien with child - both afflicted with Hansen's Disease

Monument to Fr. Damien near St. Francis Church

Hansen's Disease patient before and after treatment

Plaque at St. Philomena Church

St. Philomena's Church

(Fr. Damien began construction soon after his arrival at Kalawao on May 10, 1873)

Tower of St. Philomena

Interior of St. Philomena

St. Philomena

Hole in floor for leprosy patients to relieve constant phlegm so they woud not have to leave during services

Bust of Fr. Damien

Gravesite of Fr. Damien

Behind his grave is that of Ira "Brother Joseph" Dutton

Mass with Fr. Patrick

Patty as lector

Pilgrims with Meli & Paulina

Blessing of rings that Royce & Tricia purchased during pilgrimage

"Take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity..."

Kissing the bride

(the pilgrimage was also a honeymoon for Royce & Tricia)

Harry & Patty, Pablo & Petra renewing vows

After Mass - with us are Meli and Paulina who are part of small group of Hansen's Disease patients still at Kalaupapa

with Sr. B & Fr. Patrick

Bishop House

Where Mother Marianne and Franciscan Sisters cared for girls with Hansen's disease

Sr. T explaining chapel at Bishop House

(home where Mother Marianne and her Sisters cared for girls with Hansen's Disease)

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

because she served the poor and cared for lepers she was model for Mother Marianne

Sister Theresa explaining history of Franciscan Sisters and Sacred Heart priests who worked at Molokai

Franciscan Sisters who worked at Kalaupapa

Monument to Fr. Damien

Raised to his memory by people of England

view of bay at Kalawao

with Fr. Patrick & Sister Theresa

Grave of Mother Marianne

(most of her mortal remains have been transferred to Syracuse, but because she suffered osteoporosis many bone fragments remained mixed with the soil)

Plaque at grave

Prayer at grave of Mother Marianne

most of her mortal remains have been transferred to Syracuse, NY

surf at Kalaupapa landing

landing site

Return flight: Cliffs above Kalaupapa Peninsula

Settlement at Kalaupapa


Sr. B slipping - Royce and pilot (Nick) helping

Day 4

at Holy Family School with Principal Christina Malins

Sister Barbara taught at Holy Family in the sixties (1961-69)

Mrs. Malins presenting leis made by school children

Sr B after receiving Holy Family Lei from Mrs. Malins

Statue of St. Marianne in Mrs. Malins' office

bookshelf with family photos and mementos of St. Marianne

School purpose statements

good counsel for children - and adults

Hallway - Sr B recounting her memories

with first grade teacher, Mrs. Heather Jones

Sister B telling about her classroom with 54 students!

Middle School teacher Gregory Plum explaining audio-visual equipment

Mrs. Cathy Kersch explaining arts project

Coach Darwin Nazarino with children & pilgrimage group

(Darwin has family at St. Anthony Parish, Renton)

Holy Family Church

St. Damien

Stain glass window of St. Damien

with Fr. Sebastian Chacko, Pastor of Holy Family

Former convent of Notre Dame de Namur Sisters lived (now apartments)

Sister and I tried to visit, but were met with sleepy person who asked to come back in a few hours...

In front of old convent buildings

Mass at Provincial House of the Fathers and Brothers of the Sacred Hearts

Fr. Damien relic

Pilgrims after Mass

Stuart Ching showing relics and documents of St. Damien

Baptism record of Fr. Damien on Molokai

First baptism - a 35-year-old women "in periculo mortis" (in danger of death)

Maniple and Burse of Fr. Damien

Prie-Dieu of Fr. Damien

Vestment (for Funeral Mass or Mass for the Dead)

Pictures from transfer of Fr. Damien's body to Belgium

Note written by Fr. Damien shortly before death

Kalawao 28 Feb
John Nott
Dear Sir
Please send me 2 round Kerosene oil stoves...I am surprised not to receive the burner with oil..

Fr. Damien's pipe

given to him to help mollify the overwhelming smell from decaying bodies of Hansen's Disease patients

Entry in record book of Sacred Hearts Fathers - death by drowning of Brother Rochus Rech

Wood from tree that Fr. Damien slept under after arrival at Kalawao

Prayer book of "Brother" Joseph Dutton (Civil War veteran who came to Molokai to help Fr. Damien)

Tools Fr. Damien used in building St. Philomena Church

Fr. Damien's chalice

Stuart showing St. Marianne's prayer book to Sr. Alicia

Card sent by Mother Marianne

Chalice incorporating wedding ring of priest's mother

Hawaiian Islands with pins for places where Sacred Hearts Fathers & Brothers work

Sts. Damien & Marianne window at Provincial House

Statue of Fr. Damien at state capitol

The Father Damien Statue, also called the Saint Damien of Molokai Statue, is the centerpiece of the entrance to the Hawaii State Capitol and the Hawaii State Legislature. The official unveiling of the Father Damien Statue took place in the United States Capitol Rotunda on Father Damien Day, April 15, 1969 alongside a reproduction of the Kamehameha Statue. Hawaii celebrates Father Damien Day annually, created by an act of the Hawaii State Legislature. On that day, the statue in Honolulu is ceremoniously draped in leis followed by solemn song and prayer. In Catholicism, Father Damien is the spiritual patron of the outcast and those afflicted with AIDS and HIV.

Hawaiian shirts and dress with Damien & Marianne themes

Dress rehearsal of "November Song"

Choral and dance group

Mother Marianne and Fr. Damien

Day 5

After Mass at St. Augustine at the Sea

with Fr. Lane Akiona ss.cc.

Pastor of St. Augustine by the Sea

swimming in Pacific

whitest body on Waikiki

Blessing of rings Harry and Patty purchased in Honolulu

Take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity...

(a fitting conclusion to our pilgrimage)

Harry and Patty


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