Is It a Mortal Sin?

I know sex is a mortal sin outside of marriage, but how far does that go? Is it a mortal sin to do other sexual things besides "sex"? thanks


Those looking toward marriage should set a good foundation by striving for what, according to the Bible, is the relationship of greatest affection between a man and woman - that is, brother-sister. Read the Song of Songs to see the tenderness with which the groom calls his beloved "sister." The trouble with "sexual things" (wet kisses, petting, etc.) is that they destroy that confidence and affection. In that sense they are deadly (mortal) outside of marriage.

In the Divine Commedy, Dante places those with unrepented sexual sins at outermost circle center of Hell. Tho far from Satan (he despises sex because of its great potential for good) still that circle was not a pleasant place: the souls are driven by a whirlwind, but never actually touch one another.

Anyway, please do your best to avoid those sins -and the near occasions of sin, like being alone with your boyfriend. If you have fallen in some way, turn to Jesus and to the sacrament of reconciliation.

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