What a Wonderful Blessing...!

Dear Father Bloom,

I wanted to write and tell you that I think you have a wonderful web page. I've read most of your articles and many of your homilies. They were remarkable. Thank you so much for making them available.

I am new to the faith...I was officially confirmed this past Easter Vigil. What a wonderful blessing to be a part of the Holy Catholic Church! And to take part in the Eucharist…I can not explain in words what it means to me.

My two youngest sons were baptized almost two years ago, and they are altar boys and are very involved in our youth group. Our priest believes that my youngest son may have a vocation. Could you recommend any books geared toward a 13-year-old?

I am a single mom, working very hard to raise devout men in an ungodly world. I wondered if you knew of any support groups for single Catholic parents?

Thank you,



Dear Cristina,

Thanks for your most kind letter. It is so encouraging to hear about your becoming a member of the Catholic Church.

What books is your son reading now? Kids tend to have such varied interests it is hard to make a general recommendation. He's probably too old (or not yet old enough) to enjoy the Narnia stories, but he might like Lewis' trilogy, at least Silent Planet and Perelandra. There are many good lives of saints for young people. Your priest would probably have more suggestions than I.

My prayers for your sons and of course for you, Christina.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom