What Happens to Non-Catholics?

Dear Father,

I read your article on the Moral Law. I must say its an excellent article and I forwarded it to my friends and relatives. I'm sure they will also like it too.

I think I'm straying a bit from the topic here but sometimes what bothers me is what happens to those who don't acknowledge Christ as the Saviour, the Son of God, One and Equal to God. For I think He Himself said, "he that does not believe in me has no life in him" and also "he who eats My Bread and drinks My Blood lives in Me and I in him and I will raise him up on the last day". What happens to Non-Catholics and those of other religions who do not / or only acknowledge him as a mere man / a Prophet, even tho they know that we profess and believe as Catholics?

Thank you & God Bless!



Thank you for your kind words. The Second Vatican Council addresses the question you raise regarding other religions. Do you have a copy of the Vatican II documents? The tricky part is that Jesus is the one way to salvation and there is no salvation outside the church, yet God desires that all be saved -and must provide some means. The scary part is that you and I are the means for many others and we must do our part to gently bring them to Jesus. Prayer is the key to this, because it is God who opens the opportunity for us to share our faith with others - as you did in forwarding the article to your friends and family.

God bless,

Fr. Bloom

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