Pictures from Peru

(December 26, 2011 to February 24, 2012)

In front of Lima Cathedral, December 26

Rachael, Gabe, Andy, Sarah, Tonya, Hannah, Fr Bloom, Vanh, Nonna (Marianne), Lauren

Sanctuary of the Peruvian Saints

Convent of St. Dominic, "Here are the fruits of the first evangelization"

Delegation Courtyard of St. Dominic's Convent

Statue of Christ at the pillar

Convent Library

Tomb of St. Rose

Miracles of St. Martin (for his canonization)

Tomb of St. Martin de Porres

St. Rose

Mass in Chapel of St. Martin

Lauren & Nonna

Rachael & Nonna

Peruvian Saints: St. Martin, St. Rose & St. Juan Macias

Relic: Craneum of St. Rose

St. Martin

Guard outside presidential palace

Chicken Soup

(nothing goes to waste)

Chicken Stew & Rice

Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce topped by beef

At La Aurora Orphanage in Lurin

with Sr. Nely

children of orphanage

new well being dug

Peruvian onions

viewing grounds

flooding from well drilling

Guinea Pigs

raised for protein source

Banana tree

I give thanks because you fill my life with love

Jorge, Hannah, Sr Rosario

Delegation with Sisters (Vincentian Daughters of Charity)

Sisters present & future?

Sisters with Vanh

Sanctuary of St. Rose of Lima

Church of "Nazarenas" - Image of Our Lord of Miracles

Mass at hotel in Arequipa (December 28)

Main Square of Arequipa

w/ Hannah


Hannah, Sarah, Gabe - Cathedral in background

"Chupin de Camarones" (traditional soup of Arequipa)

Retablo of Arequipa Cathedral

Melani, Lauren, Vanh & Nonna

Arequipa children

Lauren with cat at Puno Orphanage, December 30

Sister Flora preparing pork for sale

from pigs raised at orphanage

Nonna observing weighing of pork

with Sarah, Gabe & Rachael in orphanage patio

at Mary Bloom Center - Presentation by Obst Luz Marron (director of MBC)

Graciela - with certificate as school teacher

topical medicines

Examination Room


for preparing meals for Bob Lindenau Tutoring Program

Gabe handing medical supplies to Obst. Ana

Delegation with Mary Bloom Center staff

With your permission, I am here

Puno Cathedral

heading for "floating islands" of Lake Titicaca, December 31

Bob Lindenau children and orphan girls at Puno dock

Rachael, Melanie & "Mel"


Welcome to the Floating Islands - the Uros


w/ Elena

Luz taking Hannah's temperature

with orphan girls

New Years Eve

Twelve grapes

eaten to make a wish for each month of new year

Andy with Rossi, Gloria & Karina

Francisca, Vanh & Sarah

Altar & Retablo - San Miguel, Ilave: January 1, 2012

with Fr. Edgar distributing Communion

Padre Edgar (parochial vicar - in charge of parish while Fr. Narciso Valencia is at St. Mary of the Valley)

girls with statues of infant Jesus

market in Ilave

with Diana

Delegation & friends

(gifts from Fr. Edgar)

with grand-niece Sarah

Simon with calf

Simon, Justina & Luz

Mass at Puno Orphange, January 5

Sarah & Hannah serving

Nazca Lines' Observatory, January 14

Room of Maria Reich (German woman who dedicated life to studying Nazca Lines)

Chauchilla Cemetery near Nazca

Karen - young mom helped by Mary Bloom Center to obtain nursing degree

with Karen's mother and grandfather



Major Robert D. Lindenau Tutoring Program

Update on Diego

(Boy with Keratoconus helped Mary Bloom Center in Peru)


(boy with cerebral paralysis being helped by Mary Bloom Center)

Overview of Work of Mary Bloom Center (pictorial report)

2011 Financial Report of Mary Bloom Center


Pictures from 2010 Visit to Peru




Earthquake Relief, 2007

Pictures from 2006 Visit to Peru



Encounter of Lay Leaders (August, 2003, Puno)

Pictures from Oct - Nov 2001 Visit (with Fr. Bill McKee and St. John Parishioners)

Pictures of Earthquake Relief (October 22, 2001; Saguaya)

Pictures from 2000 (by Georgina Rea)

November 1999 Fotos

Other Recent Fotos (Orphan Girls, etc.)

Pictures added January 2000

Picture of Baby Francisca

Letter from Georgina

Pictures from Visit of Frs. Narciso & Faustino (February 2001)

Pictures from June-August 1998 (by Denis Bruneau)

Mary Bloom Staff and Volunteers with Banner (May 1999)

1997 Visit

1995 Mary Bloom Center Pictures.

Mary Bloom Center Retreat for NFP Instructor


Medical Exam.

Pictures of Christmas at Mary Bloom Center

Construction of New Center

Inauguration of Center. (June 1998)

Article from American Newspaper about the Mary Bloom Center

Pictures of New Center

Tragic News (death of Cesar Palacios)

Bishop Carrion blessing MBC (Obispo Carrión, 26 de junio de 1998)

Centro Mary Bloom (Spanish website)

Pictures of Mary Bloom.
Mary Bloom in Peru.
November 1996

St. Mary of the Valley Album