"Selected Scriptures"

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Someone sent me this e-mail today. I'd like your thoughts on it.




Dear Ben,

RE: The Scandal of the Catholic Priesthood (Selected Scriptures) by John F. MacArthur, Jr.

His parenthesis says it all. It is quite possible to line up other Scripture quotes to refute his arguments. Unfortunately, most Catholics today are not familiar enough with the Bible to recognize when people like Mr. MacArthur are misleading them. For examples see: Three Anti-Catholic Questions, Reincarnation & Intercessions and of course Boston Sex Abuse Scandal.

John MacArthur is like a teenager who gets hold of his dad's car, thinks it belongs to him alone, then uses it to run the old man down. The Bible, after all, originally came from the Catholic Church. To put the question bluntly: Did Jesus found the Church? Or did he just commission a group of guys to put together the Bible?

I could refute his arguments point by point, but it would take more time that I have available. If there is a specific one which bothers you, Ben, please let me know and I will do my best to respond.

However, I must protest the way he distorts Fr. Richard John Neuhaus' statement. What Fr. Nuehaus said was that a "gay" priest is a contradiction because a gay is someone who identifies himself by his erotic desires. Fr. Neuhaus then went on to say that in the course of church history, it is probable that men who struggled with same sex attractions became saints. Likewise there may be good priests today who struggle with those temptations, but with the help of God's grace, do not give in to them. Does that sound unreasonable to you? If it does not, then doesn't it seem MacArthur is drawing an unfair conclusion? (See: Scandal Time by Fr. Neuhaus)

Prayers. Please remember me. And have a good Fourth of July - under God!

Fr. Bloom

Response from Vern Koers “The Bible, after all, originally came from the Catholic Church.”, AGAIN, THAT IS YOUR LEARNED ROMAN CATHOLIC church RELIGIOUS SINFUL PRIDE COMBINED WITH YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS, AND NOTHING ELSE.

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the modern world (even while mocking sexual innocence) has flung itself into a generous idolatry of sexual innocence--the great modern worship of children. For any man who loves children will agree that their peculiar beauty is hurt by a hint of physical sex. (from Orthodoxy by G. K. Chesterton)