Reason for Celibacy

Dear Father:

Another reason celibacy is so very valuable, if one is called to it, is the complementarity of male and female. A wife complements her husband, and a husband complements his wife; in this way are their virtures affirmed and their vices negated. A celibate is the spouse of Christ; therefore, his virtues are affirmed by the virtues of God, and his vices are negated likewise. Since God can do these things infinitely better than any human, male or female, the vices are negated and the virtues are affirmed even more efficiently than they are by a human spouse. Celibacy, therefore, is very conducive to a virtuous and holy life, something definitely necessary for anyone claiming to be a Catholic, and especially for anyone trying to live up to a priestly vocation.

On another note, I noticed that you said you had not drunk in sixteen years. If you don't mind me asking, does this exclude the Precious Blood? If not, how do you get around this in offering Mass?

Thank you for your time.

Omnipotens Deus vos et nos benedicat,

Donald Patrick Goodman III


Dear Donald,

Thanks for the letter and reflections on celibacy. Regarding your question: It does not include the Precious Blood. Because of the small amounts and my faith that it is the Blood of Christ, I am able to do that. I believe the same applies to most priests who are alcoholics, altho some have received permission to use grape juice.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom