"Hell is God's great compliment"

Hi Father Phil!

Greetings from good ol' Swoyersville, PA! I stumbled across your site searching for that Chesterton quote about hell; "Hell is God's great compliment to the reality of human freedom and the dignity of human choice." I wonder if the "pro-choicers" considered this angle?

Anyway, I typed in "hell" and "chesterton" into Google (I just noticed there's a little TM by the logo now) and voila! your site was the first one listed (internet marketers would certainly be envious)! After perusing your various links and reading some of your personal info available, I want to know if you are for real!?! I mean, come on, a priest, on the LEFT Coast, in SEATTLE none-the-less, who spent time with in the MARYKNOLL's writing such wonderfully refreshing solid ORTHODOX prose? Seems to good to be true :-)

I noticed today was your birthday, so I wanted to wish you a HAPPY ONE! If it wasn't your birthday, I never would have emailed you. To paraphrase St. (Padre) Pio, "Who is the ONE that causes coincidences to happen?" I'm very happy you're out there and PLEASE keep up the good (I should say GREAT) work! It has uplifted my spirits to know there's someone like you around!

Frank Szczepanski
Swoyersville, PA

PS. I like the "Simple Catholicism" idea. The Bride should reflect the Bridegroom "Ever Ancient Ever New!"


Thank you, Frank, for the birthday greetings and kind words. I am hardly alone here on the Left Coast. Even in Maryknoll. Especially among the younger priests - and of course those who had born the heat of the day in more humble apostolic work.

Another part of the "pro-choice" irony is that many of the women who undergo abortions feel they have no choice. And that abortion promoters do so little to help them have a real choice.

God bless, Frank!

Fr. Bloom

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