I Gave Your Essay to a Protestant Friend

Fr Bloom,

Love your website! Remembered reading your great material on overpopulation months ago and saw this report in Nature magazine: The end of world population growth

I'm a year away from graduation from college and considering a possible vocation to the priesthood. Your site has helped me understand what that entails like none other. I also thought you would find it interesting that I gave your essay on birthcontrol to a (Protestant) female friend on the pill. About a week later, she decided to go off of it!

Thanks for all of your wonderful insight!



Dear Jason,

Thanks for sending the great article. My prayers for your discernment. Let me know how it goes. Great to hear about your Protestant friend going off the pill. Given our culture, it requires tremendous courage and faith. I know God will bless her.All the best,

Fr. Bloom

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