Pursued by God

Dear Seapadre-I came across you letter about carl sagan and your response to the physics student.I thought long about your closing comment in the carl sagan piece. I am trying to trust jesus and god. I find it hard to accept love. Maybe because I had difficulty with my earthly father.But, I feel like I am being pursued by god for a relationship with him. My father was catholic but never went to church.On his deathbed he said he made his peace with the lord,and that scene sticks with me like glue.So, I believe jesus is the son of god and he died for my sins. But, I feel there is a need to let god love me emotionally and personally, if that makes any sense. I have trouble articulating myself. I always wondered if my father loved me. He was an alcoholic.I hope god accepts whatever love I can give to him.I don't want to displease god. I know there is a lot of emotional healing that needs to take place in me. Breaking god's moral laws don't bring any peace. I've tried it. I hope I can let my walls down with god and a few good people. I enjoyed reading your web page.--jim


Dear James,

Thank you for having the trust to write and open so much to me. Your letter is a beautiful testimony and I believe it would help others. Would it be OK to post it in the correspondence section of my website?

Have you talked to a priest about your situation? You mention your dad being Catholic. Were you baptized yourself?

You are correct that Jesus is pursuing you. My prayers that you will be able to let down the walls. And please write again.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom (seapadre)


seapadre- You can use my letter on your website. I was baptized. I have not spoken to a priest yet but want to so I will have to get myself involved. I don't attend church now but know I should. I've been reading some of your homilies. They are very thought provoking. thanks. I'm sure I'll talk to you again-jim