Questions about Catholic Faith

(Seapadre Correspondence)

301. From Joanne: "Does the belief in God, as the Supreme Creator have to be at odds with the scientific notion of evolution?"

302. From Claire: "I have never in my life read such a pile of rubbish concerning the issue of women's ordination"

303. From Virginia: "Exactly what is the Church's teaching regarding the Death Penalty?" (Three Purposes of Punishment)

304. From Murray: "(The Vatican) is one of the wealthiest entities on the earth. Wealth and Christianity? Seems to be a bit of a conflict..." (From a "Modernist" Christian)

305. Can only a bishop absolve the sin of abortion?

306. From Brenda: "I swim three times a week and I don't like having to miss a full week every month." (Re non-contraceptive use of Pill)

307. From Jeff: "My question is regarding the Sacrament of Holy Communion. I am sure you are very aware of Martin Luther's teaching of the Real Presence..."

308. From R: "I am a married male... I have dealt with homosexual tendencies all of my life"

309. From David: "Is not going to Mass on Sunday (or other day of obligation) a mortal sin or a venial sin?"

310. From C: "I am afraid I might die and go to hell" (Married, Addiction to Masturbation)

311. From Bonnie: "Does the Bible prohibit unmarried couples to just live together? I may be wrong, but I think his father has made a fallacy in judgment."

312. From Fr. John Roddy: "I am an Anglican Catholic priest and often feel the strain of swimming against the tide in the fractured Anglican communion."

313. From Al: On use of Catechism in RCIA

314. From D: "My husband believes our daughter should make her own decision about attending church."

315. From David: "I was intrigued to find your brief discussion of Cardinal Ratzinger's new book Spirit of the Liturgy."

316. From "Traditionalist": Question about Organ Transplants

317. From Carol: What Happens When We Die?

318. From Len: "It seems to me that all Jesus wanted was a simple faith filled group of followers. Additionally no where is scripture is the word sacraments used."

319. From P: "Once in a while I give in and masturbate to find some release from the pent-up tension. Then I start feeling guilty..."

320. From Brandi: Is the Unity Candle illegal?

321. From Carl: "Would John Paul I have reversed teaching on priestly celibacy?"

322. From Shawn: "You seem to have forgotten the environmental impact that 6 billion humans have had."

323. From Louie: "I was born a Catholic but still searching for the right religion."

324. From Jennifer: "Could I have my child baptized when it is born--if I am not yet baptized myself?

325. From RJ: "What is the proper way to go about confessing?

326. From Carol: "I married a Catholic boy (I am Catholic too) but we were not married in the church..."

327. From Joachim: "I am an ex-Catholic"

328. From Mike: "Thanks for hitting me between the eyes with this homily"

329. From Karen: "I was married, but not in the Church...are annulments just for marriages which took place in the church?"

330. From Ned: "I am an angry Catholic..."

331. From Joseph: "Is a Priest allowed to prohibit me from genuflecting when I receive the Eucharist?"

332. From G: "I just stumbled upon your website and could not believe what I read about overpopulation!!

332. From Lisa: "I am a lesbian. Not by choice"

333. From Richard: "We have been given an assignment which asks to analyse the stance that the Catholic Church takes on pre-marital sex, then draw to a conclusion, stating whether or not i believe the stance."

334. From Denise: "On a moral level, no, I don't think humans are worth more than animals"

335. From CL: "A medical morality issue has come up...What about in the case of an ectopic pregnancy?"

336. From Ann: "How many doctrines or dogmas has the Church infallibly taught over the centuries?"

337. From Marie: "I am interested in practicing celibacy and would appreciate any information you could provide."

338. From Pierre Cloutier: "this need to believe is a childish instinct that should vanish by itself when one approaches 20 years of age..."

339. From M: "Christian submissive woman...told me that it's not wrong as long as she's doing it with her husband."

340. From Lee: "Many of my more fundamental Christian friends use this verse to claim the inerrancy of the Bible. On close examination, however, I think that it is a clear statement as to the purpose of the Scriptures"

341. From A: "I am Catholic teenager and I constantly have to defend my faith"

342. From Scott: "An atheist I know raised an issue I have difficulty answering...How can God order an intrinsically evil act?

343. From a College Student: "Is it better for us to try to wait until marriage...?"

344. From Paul: "What is the proper form of a good confession?"

345. From Roy: "What about poor people who can't afford to have Masses offered up for their loved ones?"

346. From Taylee: "How can, in the bible, they talk about when Jesus was alone?

347. From Kieran: "Here in Ireland abortion is forbidden except where there is a threat to the life of the mother..."

348. From A.S.: "I have read your answer regarding masturbation as being a mortal sin. However, you said that there could be subjective mitigating factors. Could you explain exactly what this means?"

349. From M: "Are there any sins which might 'bar' me from being a priesthood candidate?

350. From A: "in a normal, natural pregnancy, implantation succeeds more often than it fails..."

351. From Mary: "if more people were aware of all these great opportunities for women in the church, they'd be less apt to cry 'injustice'..."

352. From L: Addiction to Gambling - "I feel so guilty and ashamed and I feel the God will not forgive me unless I pay back the money I owe in full."

353. From Pat: Dennis Prager..."if abortion is equal to murder, why not kill abortion doctors?"

354. From Sean: "As I understand the Calvinist teaching on predestination, some people are made for heaven, and others are made for hell."

355. From Jason: "I gave your essay on birth control to a (Protestant) female friend on the pill."

356. From Leona: "How could you possibly know 'what girls everywhere dream of' and what 'upsets women most?'"

357. From Deacon Brian: "If the sexual metaphor is so fundamental why did Jesus say in Matt 22:30: In heaven there will be no marriage or giving in marriage, you will be as the angels (presumably sexless?)"

358. From Sunny: "What is the Catholic Church's stance on circumcision?"

359. From Amy: "For the past year, I have felt an urge to pray the rosary."

360. From Lori: "Since I was a small child I've had recurring dreams."

361. From Aruna: "How do you know what a woman wants?"

362. From John: "I have been suppressing this 'inner voice' in fear that it may be a real and valid calling from God to the priesthood.

363. From Sean: "Have you read Unlimited Wealth or "God wants you to be rich" by Paul Zane Pilzer?"

364. From Richard: "my sister and my mother have memories of various past lives..."

365. From B: "I have confessed the vasectomy, and have asked my confessor about the morality of sex from this point on, but he didn't provide me with any guidance."

366. From D: "If a person has mortal sin on their soul, truly intends to confess, but something happens to them before they can confess, and they die, do they still go to Hell?"

367. From Brook: "The green revolution certainly increased food production in the short term, but are the benefits going to last?"

368. From Walt: "My recommendation would be that the wife masturbate the man to obtain the sperm sample. Would this be acceptable?"

369. From Mary Ann: "I can't but help myself hating the people responsible (for terrorist acts). Does God forgive this kind of evil?"

370. From Mark: "I read your article on The Unforgivable Sin and I have a question for you."

371. From Ann: "I just enjoyed your sermon on Blessed Miguel."

372. From Amy: Nine Quick Questions

373. "Is it a mortal sin to do other sexual things besides 'sex'?"

374. From Beth: "The problem is not truly about how to you feed 7 billion people, but how do you keep 7 billion people from reproducing and creating 12 billion. And so on. It will happen. It will be devastating."

375. From N: Stuggling with Homosexual Attraction - "How will God look at me when I stand before Him at judgment?"

376. From Tyrone: "I am a practicing Catholic who lives in Pakistan since birth."

377. From T (Seattle Teenager): "The Traditional Mass helps to lift my heart up to God."

378. From Lesley Anne: "Your interpretation of morality has made me more resolved to live in the way Christ intended."

379. From Troubled: "Do demons know the temporal future of people?"

380. From M: Does the absolution count? Am I still in a state of mortal sin?

381. From Remy: "i have to protest one of the statements you made about overpopulation and the ability to recycle all matter found on earth, because we can't, some things are irreplaceable, fossil fuels, , for one..."

382. From John: "Richard Sipe's work on sexual issues and the Catholic extremely discouraging to me. Is it possible that the Church is asking the impossible from men and women called to the religious life?"

383. From Jean-Claude: What direction "should" the priest be facing? Ad Orientem or Versus Populum?

384. From Ron: The Second Commandment: "Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image, nor any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above."

385. From Gordon: "I'm a single Catholic man and I'm still looking for Miss Right."

386. From Paul: "I am sometimes shocked by the amount of anger I can find mixed in with my faith."

387. From Peter: "In light of the recent events in Boston I would recommend that you take a deeper look into the history of pedophile priests within the "roman" catholic church and while you're at it the papal atrocities as a whole would also help."

388. From T: "What happens to non-Catholics and those of other religions...?"

389. From Michael: How does one dispose of contaminated holy water?

390. From J: "What do you think of John Dominic Crossan and the Jesus Seminar?"

391. From Discouraged: "How does a Catholic girl stay true to these good laws and release the ever-building pressure inside?"

392. From Matt: "What universities or programs do you recommend that would be a good place for someone like me to receive an advanced degree in theology?"

393. From M: I do not find the priests that I deal with to be patient, kind, or caring.

394. From R: "I am very distrurbed by the notion of having masses said 'for' the dead or any other intention."

395. From John: "Is it accurate to describe these sexual offenses as 'pedophilia'?"

396. From Tony: "I am Catholic and I also consider myself a socialist."

397. From Tom: "what happens after they (Adam and Eve) reproduce? How do their children get past the act of incest?"

398. From Glenn: "I have a friend who thinks John 6:50-60 is symbolic. He does not accept the Eucharist as the true presence."

399. From E: "Everything is fine: health, material security, marriage, and yet, how can I express the tremendous feeling of emptiness with which I start every day?"

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