Will physical bodies will be resurrected?

Subject: The Resurrection and Mortal Sin

Dear Father Bloom,

Is it true that the Church teaches us that on Judgement Day that our physical bodies will be resurrected? If so, do you why we would return to our physical bodies?

On another note, when is being lazy a mortal sin? One priest told me it can be mortal when you don't do what you have to do. My sister tells me that she would like me to clean the bathroom once a week but she doesn't require that I do it. In the past, I have skipped like once or twice out of laziness and preoccupation. Did I commit a mortal sin??

Please reply when you can. Thank you Father Bloom.




Dear Thuan,

It does not sound to me like you committed a mortal sin. When we commit a mortal sin, it cuts us off from God's life, makes us not want to go to Mass, to pray, that kind of thing.

A body separated from its soul (a cadaver) and a soul separated from the body (a ghost) is incomplete. We human beings are a body-spirit composite. At the day of the final resurrection we will have glorified bodies, like Jesus. That is, we won't get old, sick, etc.

God bless you, Thuan. Sorry I am so slow getting back to you. Prayers.

Fr. Bloom


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