Should I Have My Vasectomy Reversed?

(I have asked my confessor about the morality of sex from this point on)

Thank you so much for your web site - I have been studying your writings at great length in the last few weeks, and have found them tremendously helpful. After a number of years of living in a very non-Catholic manner in certain areas, I am now trying to return to a much more complete practice of the faith.

Some time back, you answered a question from someone who had once had a vasectomy, and was subsequently considering reversal, but also what the consequences of not doing so would be. You recommended a book by John Kippley on the subject. I am in a somewhat similar situation, but there are distinct differences (I am 44, my wife will soon also be 44, and her health is not especially good, so we have great concern about a reversal). I had hoped to obtain the book you referenced in order to get some guidance, but I have found it is out of print.

I have confessed the vasectomy, and have asked my confessor about the morality of sex from this point on, but he didn't provide me with any guidance. Do you have any thoughts, or can you recommend any other material I might study on this issue.

Thank you again for your site - there is no question in my mind that God is working through you here.



Dear B,

Appreciate your email and kind words. I see you sent it shortly before the terrorist attacks. In one way it dwarfs all of our everyday concerns - but in another sense, gives a new urgency to to living our moral lives with integrity.

You and your wife need to pray - and perhaps address the question directly to Couple to Couple League. John Kippley is a very wise and prudent man.

My recommendation is to practice "fertility appreciation" to the degree you can. That is, for you and your wife to learn the signs of fertility and to refrain from relations during her fertile days. Although this may seem moot, given your vasectomy, still it would lay the basis for whatever decision you make. It would also have spiritual value for both of you. I know other couples in situations similar to yours who have done that with great benefit to their marriage and spiritual lives. You will have greater confidence that it is the Lord who guides you as you make a prudent and prayerful decision.

My prayers. God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom


Thank you so much for your response. It was indeed just prior to the events of Tuesday that I sent the message, and I agree that this issue is dwarfed, yet still essential.

Your words concur with the direction in which my prayers seem to be pointing me. I believe this is quite sensible, given the circumstances.

I will keep you and your work in my prayers, along with the thousands of people affected by the terrible events of this week.



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