St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

December 2010

Knights of Columbus Firework Stand, New Years Eve
Ben & Austin

Bryan making a sale

Youth Group Making Tamales
(World Youth Day Fund Raiser; December 30, 2010)

Alane, Aaron, Kelsey, Gaby, Abby, Ryan, Arielle, Miano

Rose, Josh, Isabel, Yuridia, Marni, Tricia, Michael, Matthew, Norberto, Peter

Maria, Jesus, Patricia

Isabel showing Michael & Matthew how to make a tamal

Adam constructing a tamal

Sister Barbara (in green)

Tamales ready to cook

Royce and Mason

December 29

Sr. Barbara with Christmas present for Sam

new burse and chalice veil

church decorated for Christmas

Our Lady of the Valley with Christmas flowers

5 p.m. Christmas eve Mass - Child Jesus to be placed in nativity scene

nativity scene at shrine of Divine Mercy

Baptism of Hilario, December 26: Godfather - Gonzalo, Parents - Hannah & Jorge

Blessing of Father

donation of piano for World Youth Day fundraiser

Caroling at Regency, December 19

Sister, Father, Samwise

Sam being a good sport (although he did require subsequent therapy)

Posada, December 18, Piņata

World Youth Day raffle, December 19

drawing tickets - "choose me"

main prize winner - Hugo Garcia

Kinghts installing Christmas tree

Jose - baptism of Isaac

Blessing of dads - Hector & Jose

Isaac with parents & godparents

Analiz with parents & godparents

A Chamber Christmas
(Lord Hill Farms, December 12 - pictures courtesy of Sr. Barbara)

Norberto, Gaby, Patty, Abby, Kelsey

Dominic, Steve, Aaron, Lauren (from Holy Family)

Christine, Rose

Yolanda, Leo, Irene, JoAnn

Damiano, Adam, Ryan

Juan, Josh, Kelsey, Pete, Adam

Sr. Barbara, Juan

Arielle - after her magnificent performance with Marianne & Daniel (Aridanne Trio)

Miano, Norberto, Cris,

Cris, Norberto, Fr. B, Lauren, Gaby, Patty, Abby

Amy, parents, Ralph, Maggie, Gordon

Mateo, Bella

with Susan, Bill & Julie (Marianne's parents)

Bryan & Pat

John, Cathy

Diana, Mike

Dwight, Claudia, Anita, Doug

Patty, Harry

Kathy, Bill

Daniel, Marianne, Arielle (Aridanne Trio)


Matt, Andrea

Martha, Bonifacio

Kay w/ friends

Mateo, Bella

Benito, Fatima

Teresa, Joe

w/ my brother Mike

Fr., Sr.

Recent activities of St. Mary of the Valley Junior Youth Group (video with stills and music)

Video by Adrian Villalba

Our Lady of Guadalupe
(Maņanitas & Mass - Dec 11-12)

arrival of band

Nydia sings hymn to Our Lady

Erika & Monica

children before noon Mass

children entering for homage to Our Lady

Nadia leading children

Jose as St. Juan Diego presenting tilma to bishop

shrine to Our Lady above baptism pool

inside of church, December 13

Knights of Columbus Breakfast
(December 12)

Steve, Dennis, Debra, Alan

Mike, Michelle, Sean, Joshua with grandparents

Austin, Sheila, Bryan, Sr. Barbara, Kelsey, Kay

Fix-It (and Clean) Day
(December 11)


Bill, Steve

Ranelle, Joy



Pat, Cathy

Holiday Craft Fair
(December 4-5, 2010)



Christine & Ken


Ladies from Fort Lewis

Traci, Dean, Brieanna, Mayra, Leonor

Women's Night Out
(December 2)

Kay, Teresa, Diana, Alicia, Yolanda, Mattie, Renata

Maggie, Teresa A., Kay, Teresa Y., Diana, Alicia, Yolanda

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