St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

June 2010

St. Vincent de Paul Society members: Alicia Thomeyer, Evelyne Robertson, Jim Bloss, Bridget Shinnick, Jan Dee, Amy Chestine, Leo Moore (June 26 meeting)

Youth Retreat (June 25-27) Retiro Regional de Jovenes

Pastor Steve Whalen, Frs. Phil Bloom & Steve Rowan

Wedding of Garret Ascherl & Heather Marie Green

in sacristy after wedding (June 18)

Wedding of Luke Wolanin & Michaéla Parfait, June 19

Michaela & Luke offering flowers to Blessed Mother (servers in background: Mitchell Price, Aaron Howard & Anthony Shipley)

Blessing of Fathers (June 20, 9:30 a.m. Mass)

Noon Mass

(Wedding & Father's Day pictures courtesy of Sr. Barbara Geib)

Youth Group Garage Sale (June 19)

and Car Wash

Frs. Matthew O'Leary, Jay DeFolco, Ray Cleaveland, Tom Belleque, Scott Connolly, Steve Sallis, Martin Bourke, Tuan Nguyen, Bryan Dolejsi, Phil Bloom after Mass at Santa Maria in Traspontina, June 8, 2010

with main celebrants: Cardinal William LaVeda and Bishop Edward Braxton (Belleville, IL) & other members of our NOCERCC group

Frs. Martin Bourke & Tuan Nguyen, outside Santa Maria in Traspontina

with Fr. Martin Bourke at St. Paul's Basilica

with Fr. Loren Gonzales

with Fr. Bryan Dolejsi

Mass in St. Peter's Basilica, June 12

to view Fr. Bryan's Rome pilgrimage pictures, click here

Mass at St. Paul's (front transcept)

On bus returning from St. Paul's

with Fr. Jay DeFolco, Mass in St. Peter's Square, June 11

sign in front of Tomb of Apostle Peter

Frs. Matthew O'Leary, Scott Connelly & Steve Sallis, reading L'Observatore Romano in J.F.K. Airport, June 13

Statue for Shrine to Our Lady

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Spring Clean-Up, 20 March 2010, Limpieza de Primavera

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Landscaping Needs at St. Mary's

December 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe & Pastorela

Generations of Faith

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Visit to Monroe's Reptile Zoo (Dec 29, 2009)