St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

November 2010

Thanksgiving morning

Sacred Heart statue & Shrine of Our Lady

Wedding of Juan Carlos & Claudia, November 27, exchange of rings

Exchange of arras (coins)

Baptism of Teofano & Nathan: Hannah (server), Rick (dad), Lisa (mom), Nate, Bryan & Sheila

Godparents Bryan & Sheila with Teofano & Nate

Advent Fair: November 28

Youth Empowerment Morning
(November 20, 2010)

Christian, Norberto, Tony, Damiano, Ryan, Eloisa (freshmen group)

De'Ozhane, Clayton, Mitchell, Cris, Adam (sophomore group)

Patti, Erika, Abby, Yuridia, Veronica, Nydia, Arielle, Josh, Miguel, Brieanna, Mayra (junior & senior group)

Gaby E, Fr. Bloom, Patti (jr -sr)

Leonor, Marni, Fausto, Chris, Gaby (jr -sr)

Breakfast by Knights of Columbus: Bill, Austin, Leo, Ralph, Oscar, Steve

Martin, Erika, Patti, Abby, Fausto

Efrain, Alex, Luisa, Cris, Claudia

Adam, Ryan

w/ Norberto, Gaby, Eloisa

Marni, Royce

Mary Gail, Martha, Christian, Brieanna, Mayra, Leonor

Tony, Chris, Veronica, Nydia, Yuridia

Clayton, Arielle, Mario, Mitchell, Miano, De'Ozhane, Miguel

w/ young adults Cris & Josh - explaining small group format

after Mass ("I am too much in the sun")

Generations of Faith

(November 17, 2010)

Maggie leading contest based on Commandments

Men's Group
(November 16)

Steve, Aaron, Todd, Alan, Larry, Leo, Ralph, Dennis, Dom, Austin, Mateo, Joe, Harry

Larry Dimock (leader), Dennis, Harry, Dom, Austin,

Mateo, Leo, Steve, Joe, Alan, Aaron, Todd, Ralph

Maria Isabel, XVIII, November 13

Isabel with Chambelanes

Omar & Laura, November 13

Padrinos Jose & Silvina signing documents

Omar signing marriage certificate

shrine of Our Lady with rose blooming, November 5

Sacred Heart shrine with Japanese Cherry trees

Adrian removing leaves from parking lot, November 6(St. Vincent de Paul donation truck in background)

Juntemos Ayudemos fund raiser for Mary Bloom Center, Nov 6, Christ the King

Raul with granddaughter

Jorge Diaz with origami image of Samwise in foreground

Ida leading dance

un divertido baile durante el evento para el Centro Mary Bloom

Jorge Diaz & Ida Henrickson

Article about the fund raising event (in Spanish)

Christian M. Ipanaque has some beautiful pictures of the event

Article on Mary Bloom Center (in Spanish)

video about work of Mary Bloom Center (48 seconds)

Centro Mary Bloom

family retreat at St. Mary of the Valley, November 7

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Spring Clean-Up, 20 March 2010, Limpieza de Primavera

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Landscaping Needs at St. Mary's

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Our Lady of Guadalupe & Pastorela

Generations of Faith

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Pictures from Visit to Peru (2008)

Visit to Monroe's Reptile Zoo (Dec 29, 2009)