St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

October 2010

Generations of Faith banner for "Living Moral Teachings of Jesus"

It contains a Roman numeral test :)

Virginia, Harriet & Mattie - Generations of Faith dinner, October 27

Pam & Cathy

Janishay, Rick, Ranelle, Stanlynne, Bobby

Thomas, De'Ozhane, Mario, Adam, Arielle, Miguel, Tyler, Mitchell

Leo serving Debra & young lady

Spiritual Theology (Teologia Espiritual) October 30

Dr. Mark Doherty giving NFP information after noon Mass to Fatima & Santa, October 31

his wife Blanca Doherty, R.N., with Leticia & Rigoberto

children decorating cookies, October 31

Samwise with Emanuel

children & adults learning dance

Holy Family, Seattle, and St. Mary of the Valley World Youth Day Delegations

October 24 Potluck and Spiritual Orientation by Vernon Wells


listening to Vernon: Marina, Josh, Patricia, Emy, Marnie, Arielle, Christopher, Ryan, Ruby, Patricia

Vernon with Holy Family delegates Aaron, Monique, Hannah, Ginnie, Renard

Royce with Mason, Emy, Robin, Tricia, Marnie, Miano, Austin, Chris, Pete

Pageant O'Pumpkins



Chris, Ryan & Susan

Jose, Cody, Clayton, Patricia


Third Prize winner: Manuel Diaz, Jr (representing his dad)

Second Prize: Maria Rodriguez

First Prize: Christian Carbajal

Musician Dennis Zender

set-up: Christian

hidden treasure in straw

Patricia & Abby

children in inflated house

Ruby & Eloisa

World Youth Day Delegates - St. Mary of the Valley

with Holy Family delegation

clean up - Juan & Hugo

David, Marianne, Arielle (Aridanne Trio) - interview with Dr. Tom Curran, October 25

Blessing marriage of Bryan & Sheila, with dad, Timothy, October 26

with Lee & Sr. Barbara

new vestment from Peru (bought with donations from Peru delegation)

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Spring Clean-Up, 20 March 2010, Limpieza de Primavera

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Landscaping Needs at St. Mary's

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Our Lady of Guadalupe & Pastorela

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Visit to Monroe's Reptile Zoo (Dec 29, 2009)