St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

September 2010

St Vincent de Paul Friends of the Poor Walk, September 25: Jan, Sr. Barbara, Renate, Evelyne, Jim, Bill, Mary

with Jim & Sr. Barbara

Church with new fire lane stripe (painted by Jesus Quevedo)

with baby Mason, born Sept 21, parents Tricia & Royce in mirror, September 26 in sacristy

Parish Fix-It Day, September 18

Scouts: Kjel, Scotty, Kees, Nick, Tully

Leo, Mike

Scott (Kjel & Kees' dad)

Tomas, Gilberto, Juan

Olga, Herlinda

Sheila, Sr. Barbara


Bill (Nick's dad)

Oscar repairing office doorbell

Bill repairing arch, Scotty & Kjel holding ladder

Joe changing light, Bill, Steve, Austin

Pat, one of many ladies who cleaned church

Steve testing lights

Juan beginning work on diseased tree, Sr. Barbara pointing him out

Crew removing limbs

Alvaro, Nick, Leo, Austin, Guillermo, Kjel, Scotty

Alvaro (Juan's brother)

Ludwing, Kjel, Tucker, Harry, Scotty, Leo

Scouts moving Knights of Columbus barbecue into rectory patio

Jason (Nolan's dad) directing crew

Tucker, Kees, Tully (in distance)

Juan bringing down base of tree, block falling

James, Scotty, Samwise

Juan, final part

statue of our Lady with tree removed

broken tree in front of church

tree removed by Juan & crew

Dan & John, covering outlets of baseboard heaters (removed by Dwight earlier)

Dan & John removing broken statue of Sacred Heart from below rectory

Virginia, 80th birthday party, September 18

Yolanda, Lisa (Virginia's daughter), Stephanie (granddaughter)

Doug & Lisa

Virginia & Sr. Barbara

Presentation of Ayelen

Parents: Victor & Paula; Godparents: Rey & Teodicia

Baptism of Maria Fernanda, September 19

View of St. Mary of the Valley, north side, September 21, 2010

Shrine of Our Lady on south side of church, Sept 21

Stain glass window of Our Lady of the Valley, Sept 21

Women's retreat, September 11-12

40 Day Blessing of Josue: mom - Miriam; grandmother - Maria Carmen; Siblings - Gabriela, Norberto, Evker, Emanuel

(Sept 3, 2010)

Josue (= Joshua)

Norberto & Miriam, Gabriela, Norberto, Evker & Emanuel on day of Josue's birth

(July 25, 2010)

Baptism of Milagros, Sept 4: Reception Rite (marking with sign of the cross)

Blessing of dad, Che

Parents: Che & Juana; Godparents: Sol & Star

Parish Picnic

(August 29, 2010)

World Youth Day Activities

(August 2010)

World Youth Day testimony by Ryan Chestine, September 26, 2010

Text of Ryan's testimony

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Spring Clean-Up, 20 March 2010, Limpieza de Primavera

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Our Lady of Guadalupe & Pastorela

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