Submission & Misogyny

From C. Tayman:

To witness such an atrocious viewpoint on women amazes and disgusts me. You are a misogynist, and also one who seeks to surpress women and to support the oppression of your sisters. For the love of God, when will you people realize that the Bible was written in a time that supported the social needs of the men who wrote it? The Bible has excellent core values, but the oppression and submission of women is not one of them. I can love and respect a man, but I expect the same and will not SUBMIT to him due to his sex. Contrary to popular belief, Eve was not taken from Adam's rib, this theory was created to weaken the female sex. Lilith was created along side of Adam, but was banished for for wanting equality. Banished from a man written and interpreted Bible, that is. I choose and challange love and succulence in a man. Do not oppress me or presume to be above me. Walk beside me, or I will (and CAN ) do without you. By the way, educate yourself to know that Feminist is not a negative word, that it is not women who hate men. Crawl your Neanderthal butt into the 21st Century, or watch people like me stomp all over it.


Dear C.,

You made me smile. I assume you write a bit tongue in cheek. Anyway, I am responding on Jan 3, 2000, so I did make it this far. My viewpoint will be as much a part of the 21st century as yours. I make that rather obvious point because it does seem some people, perhaps yourself, use chronology to judge the validity of an idea. I would like to suggest a bit different way to determine which viewpoint is most valid - the principle of "survival of the fittest." I predict that marriages and families based on a hierarchical principle are most adapted to survive and, more significant, produce offspring. By the way, this does not deny the fundamental dignity of woman, something I have been at pains to stress.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. To respond to the assertion about Lilith would require first a discussion of the Bible, how it was formed and who has authority to interpret it.