I managed to find your essay re: women as priests by accident. The article was very very good. I am in a class in Chicago that is supposed to teach us the American Religious experiences of certain groups of people. The thing that I find difficult is that every time we dissuss a group Catholics are the whipping boy.

Recently we discussed women priests etc... That lead to heated debate because the professor (a buddist) was encouraging students to pin point certain types of oppression which lead to the supposed oppression of women in church etc....

I tried to make every point possible that I could possible shout out in class since we do not have much time to possibly discuss everything in the time frame given and still provide an unbiased example.

His argument was that when religion is institutionalized it becomes a product of a male dominated society in which women are oppressed.

...Anyway I wanted to thank you for your point and example I will need all the ammunition that I can get when I have to do a paper for this class on this mumbo-jumbo (oppressed women).

Laura Hogan

(From follow-up letter):

Yes most definitely you can use the letters. I am very glad you have that goal in mind (men & responsibility) it seems that with the whole feminist movement the role of men in this society has been confused. I mean that men don't know if women want the door held open for them or to have it slamed in their face. I am afraid to talk to a man because he may automatically assume that I want to be treated like a man.

I will let you know how the class goes.

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